Celebrate your teacher with the #LingodaThankATeacher initiative and win a cash prize!

Celebrate your teacher with the #LingodaThankATeacher initiative and win a cash prize!

by Jakob Straub

Updated November 10, 2022

It’s back to school season not only for language learners, but for students around the globe. Can you think of a teacher who has impacted your life? World Teachers’ Day on 5 October recognises and celebrates educators everywhere. Join this appreciation and nominate a teacher now for the chance to win a cash prize. Learn all about the #LingodaThankATeacher initiative and find out how to participate!

What is the #LingodaThankATeacher initiative?

The progress, success and achievements of learners everywhere would hardly be possible without the teaching profession. Teachers are the heart of global education.

The COVID-19 pandemic has especially complicated the work of teachers, with school closures, remote learning, and mitigating learning gaps because of the health crisis. But even without these challenges, teachers are leaders who contribute to the development of children and ensure students reach their learning goals and meet education targets.

Teachers have an impact on our lives that we should acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate! That is the core of #LingodaThankATeacher. The “Lingoda Thank a Teacher” initiative is open to students from all over the world. Give back to a teacher you want to thank for their hard work, dedication and commitment and share the experience of how they impacted your life.

Lingoda will select five teachers and their nominators for a cash prize—with a bit of luck, it could be you! To celebrate World Teachers’ Day 2021, Lingoda will share the winning experiences on Facebook and Instagram on 5 October.

“At Lingoda, our teachers are central to who we are and the reason we are a special place to learn a new language. This is why I’m thrilled we’re launching our ‘Thank A Teacher’ initiative and recognizing every teacher who has dedicated their lives to helping others. With going back to school looking different this year due to the Delta variant of COVID-19 adding complications, we thought “Lingoda Thank A Teacher” would be a great way to come together, give thanks and show our world’s teachers how much they are appreciated.” — Michael Shangkuan, CEO of Lingoda

What is World Teachers’ Day?

World Teachers’ Day or International Teachers Day commemorates the 1966 adoption of the status of teachers as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the International Labour Organization, UNESCO and ILO for short, recommended. The day has been in observance since 1994 and commonly celebrates teachers with campaigns to help improve the understanding of educators and their role in the development of students and society.

How to participate and #LingodaThankATeacher as a student

The “Lingoda Thank A Teacher” initiative runs from 8-26 September 2021. You can take part with these three easy steps, and remember: you as a student have to nominate a teacher, but if you win, you both get a cash prize!

1. Follow Lingoda on social media

In case you’re not connected with Lingoda on social media already, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You will nominate your teacher there, and you’ll also be able to stay in touch with the initiative as Lingoda will share stories of teachers who’ve impacted the lives of their students. 

2. Nominate a teacher

To nominate your teacher, create a post—this is your moment to shine and to celebrate your teacher! Note that this can be any teacher you ever had; be it online or offline, at Lingoda or your local school. Tell the story of how your teacher changed your life, went above and beyond or made a lasting impression and share it in a post.

In order for us to keep track of all nominations, use the hashtag of the initiative #LingodaThankATeacher in your post. Only posts with that hashtag are eligible to win a prize. All nominations must take place before 26 September, 2021, to take part in the initiative.

3. Tag a friend

Tag a friend in the comments to increase the reach of your post, spread the word and celebrate more teachers. After that, you can follow more stories from students around the world appreciating their awesome teachers with the hashtag #LingodaThankATeacher. Lingoda will also share memorable examples on social media. 

On World Teacher’s Day, 5 October, 2021, it’s time to celebrate teachers and find out if you and your nominated teacher have won!

Celebrate your teacher on World Teachers’ Day

Organizations of teachers around the globe have been observing World Teacher’s Day since 1994 to appreciate the educators of the world. Take this opportunity to support and thank your teacher and celebrate together, regardless of the outcome of your nomination!

To be eligible for the “Lingoda Thank A Teacher” initiative and to win a cash prize, note these dates:

  • 26 September, 2021 is the deadline for participating in the initiative and nominating a teacher who has impacted your life.
  • 5 October, 2021 is World Teachers’ Day and Lingoda will notify the winners and share their experiences on Facebook and Instagram to celebrate the event!

Stay in touch with Lingoda on social media during the #LingodaThankATeacher initiative, because we’ll be sharing selected posts from our language teachers as examples. Participate now for your chance to win a cash prize and give back to your teacher!

Terms & Conditions: By participating in our giveaway you acknowledge that this is in no way related to Instagram and is in no way sponsored, supported or organised by Instagram or Facebook. All entrants must be of legal participating age according to their country of residence. To qualify, you must submit your entry before 26 September, 2021. Winners will be selected at random and announced on Lingoda’s Facebook and Instagram pages on 5 October, 2021. The giveaway is void where prohibited.

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