Learn a new language with the Lingoda Language Challenge

Learn a new language with the Lingoda Language Challenge

by Lingoda Team

Updated February 9, 2021

Language learning is tied to motivation. To achieve your goal of learning a new language, you have to be motivated to actually begin and start taking a course. But you also have to stay motivated to continue, keep focused on your goal, and practise regularly. It can be challenging for language learners to stick to a routine and not quit before achieving their goal when the motivation runs out.

What is the Lingoda Language Challenge and how can it help you learn a language?

At Lingoda, we recognise that difficulty and have created a new, exciting experience and environment for language learners: the Lingoda Language Challenge. By forming or joining a team, you no longer bear the sole responsibility of motivating yourself. You’ll receive inspiration and support from your team members in a motivating experience and in turn hold your teammates accountable. 

We’ll explain how it works, why it’s effective for learning and how you can join!

Feel like a champion with the Lingoda Language Challenge

The aim of the Lingoda Language Challenge is that you become a champion if you attend one hundred percent of the classes in your chosen Lingoda language course. 

Sound ambitious? Hey, it’s a challenge!

You can join the challenge both as an individual learner or a team. You could win one of our amazing prizes, as well as have the opportunity to donate lessons to the Lingoda Scholarship Programme. But winning the challenge is a team effort. You and your teammates have to show discipline and therefore need to motivate each other.

Real champions don’t just start something; they follow it through to the end!

Why are challenges the best way to learn a language?

When taking Lingoda classes, you’re never alone and you’ll get to meet a set of rotating teachers and classmates. Our teachers are trained professionals and language experts who will always ensure your motivation stays up and will encourage you to keep going.

Yet outside of the virtual classroom, your motivation can drop for various reasons, from frustration, not believing in your goals or abilities, to too much stress with work or your daily schedule. We’ve all been there. 

This is where your language learning team comes in: you get to exchange your experience with others, share tips and tricks, and motivate each other to achieve a common goal. You can choose to learn English, German, Spanish or French. 

Seeing your teammates progress and put in the work will make you want to learn and progress as well!

With the Lingoda Language Challenge, you can Invite your friends and colleagues to create a team and motivate each other. Prefer to join alone? You can also join as an individual participant. 

What are the prizes?

When you attend the Lingoda Language Challenge and finish your course as a champion, we donate 20% of your attended classes through the Lingoda Language Scholarship programme. That way, you can pass on your success to others! 

If you show spirit and commitment through one hundred percent attendance with no cancellation or rescheduling of classes, you qualify for team prizes, which are awarded to all members. These prizes range from a weekend away to London, Vienna, Paris or Madrid or one of our 12, 6 or 3-month Marathon courses.