Sprint into summer with Lingoda 

Sprint into summer with Lingoda 

by Laura Jones

Updated May 12, 2023

You’ve probably heard that language learning is a marathon, not a sprint. And while that’s often the case, sometimes you need – or want – to make progress toward your goals fast. Lingoda’s Summer Campaign can help. By participating in a two-month Language Sprint, you’ll be able to make a huge leap forward in your chosen language. 

Whether you want to get that job abroad you’ve always wanted or simply wish to be able to tell your favorite anecdotes in your chosen language, the Lingoda Sprint will give you the confidence to do just that. 

Join the Lingoda Language Sprint

What is Lingoda’s Summer Campaign?

We want to help you accelerate toward your language learning goals this summer. To do that, we’re offering an exclusive giveaway to early-bird Sprint sign-ups during the Summer Campaign. 

There will be two chances to win, the first beginning May 12 and the second June 9. But be quick! The giveaway is only for those who sign up for the Sprint within the first few days. The prize for early sign-ups will include a number of exclusive offers from brands like GetYourGuide, MUBI, and more – all designed to set you up for language learning success this summer.

What’s more, by signing up for the Sprint during our Summer Campaign, you have the chance to win much more: newfound confidence in another language! 

What is the Lingoda Language Sprint?

Taking the Sprint is like jumping into the fast lane in terms of your language learning journey. The Lingoda Sprint is a two-month learning fast track, during which time you’ll take either 15 or 30 hours of classes per month (One hour a day or every two days depending on your choice). If you complete all of your lessons, you’ll have the chance to get either 50% or 100% cashback or credit refund for an even higher value. 

This intensive commitment to learning a new language will help you achieve your objectives fast, whatever they happen to be: confidence to speak English at work; the ability to integrate better with your German-speaking neighbors; or the courage to regale your French-speaking family with your tales over a long lunch. 

Join the Lingoda Language Sprint

Why learn with Lingoda?

Learning with Lingoda offers you a structured and effective way to move toward independence in a language. During the Language Sprint, you get to learn even faster than usual and have a chance to win giveaways and receive brand discounts with our partners. Here are the benefits of learning with Lingoda:

Engaging, native-speaking teachers

From day one, you’ll be learning from teachers with native-level skills. And, we don’t usually like to brag, but our teachers are simply brilliant. All teachers are hand-picked and vetted by a team of experts, ensuring that your lessons will be challenging and engaging. You are also not assigned one teacher during the Sprint, so you get to try out a lot of different ones if you wish. 

Speaking from the first lesson

Most of our students come with the goal of actually being able to speak the language they’re learning. So with Lingoda, you get to speak from the very first lesson, and in every lesson after that. Your classes will be in small groups, and your teacher will help you to speak “real” English, Spanish, French or German – not just the rote sentences you see in ordinary textbooks. 

Flexible learning

Lingoda’s Summer Campaign offers you the chance to sign up for two different intensities of the Sprint depending on how many hours you’re able to commit to. Classes are also offered 24/7, so you can learn at a time that suits you. 

Get ready for fluency this summer

If you’re ready to make a commitment to your learning, Lingoda’s Language Sprint is a structured and effective way to achieve your objectives in another language. If you sign up early in the Sprint periods, you’ll have a chance to win exclusive giveaways and receive a limited number of brand partnership discounts. And of course, you’ll become more fluent and confident in your chosen language. It’s a win-win.

Join the Lingoda Language Sprint

Laura Jones

Laura is a freelance writer and was an ESL teacher for eight years. She was born in the UK and has lived in Australia and Poland, where she writes blogs for Lingoda about everything from grammar to dating English speakers. She’s definitely better at the first one. She loves travelling and that’s the other major topic that she writes on. Laura likes pilates and cycling, but when she’s feeling lazy she can be found curled up watching Netflix. She’s currently learning Polish, and her battle with that mystifying language has given her huge empathy for anyone struggling to learn English. Find out more about her work in her portfolio.

Laura Jones

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