Learn Spanish online with Omareliz

Learn Spanish online with Omareliz

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 7, 2022

Without our teachers, Lingoda simply wouldn’t exist! We pride ourselves on working with some of the best language teachers out there. We spoke to Omareliz, a Lingoda Spanish teacher, about why she chose to work with us and why you should learn Spanish online! 

Who are Lingoda’s teachers?

Lingoda have hundreds of qualified teachers who are based all over the world. They are specialists in their field and all have the qualifications and experience to prove it! So lets’ meet Omareliz….

 I’m 100% Latin blood. I like dancing salsa, merengue, meeting with friends, and having a good conversation around the beach. I have a degree in Literature and a post graduate degree in Journalism, but life has pushed me to perform different roles so nowadays I work as a Spanish Teacher, Journalist, and UX/UI Designer consultant. My job has led me to live in different countries like: Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago, Ireland and now in sunny Barcelona, Spain. I work as a freelancer, for this reason working with Lingoda has been amazing because I can organise my classes around my schedule – just like the students.

Working as an online teacher

My day as a Lingoda teacher is really exciting. Normally I wake up at 7 in the morning and I check the classes I have ahead. I’ve been working in Lingoda for over 6 years and I can say that every day is different. I really enjoy meeting new people and see improvement in the students. I’ve also learnt a lot about other cultures. For example, thanks to my Arabic students, I learnt that we share a lot of common words like: aceite, almohada, bellota, elixir, etc. Also, from my Russian students, I learnt that we share the same RR sound and it is easy for them to pronounce words like: marrón, carro, rojo. Every day I learn from them and it is invaluable.

Why Lingoda?

Lingoda’s platform is intuitive, easy to use, and keeps updating all the time. Also, Lingoda’s materials are a complete package. You have all the things that you need to know about Spanish at your fingertips . In every lesson students can practice grammar, speaking, listening, and they’ll learn at least 10 new words in every lesson. 

Reasons to learn a new language

I agreed with Charlemagne’s quote:

“To know two languages is to possess a second soul”

It is so true because learning another language gives you the opportunities to know new cultures, new ways of thinking and it can also change you as a person. Learning another language can open professionals and personal doors. I’ve seen that people who speak several languages have more job and travel opportunities. The world expands when you learn another language!

The Spanish language

The Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages around the world. It is a beautiful language that defines our culture, our music and our way of interacting with others. If you learn Spanish you will discover a new world of knowledge and enriched culture. We are so passionate about our language that we have four ways to express love according to the intensity: me gustas, me encantas, te quiero, te amo. Can you imagine that? Spanish has a verb conjugation related to the unreal world (Subjuntivo) and it just tells you how important our dreams are for us. 

Visiting Spanish speaking countries

There are over 20 countries that speak Spanish. This means that speaking Spanish will give you the possibility to live or visit 20 different cultures and meet awesome people! If you learn Spanish you are able to visit a whole continent: Latino-america. Where you can find: beaches, mountains, jungles, savanna with one incredible weather. We also have a variety of food that is just, well, remarkable. Our music and dance is something that defines us and makes us really happy people with a positive vibe. 

Spanish language learning tips 

The most important advice that I always give to my student: don’t translate. Speaking a language is thinking differently and there are words impossible to translate so keep an open mind about the language. For example, did you know that there is a word that describes the activities of talking after finish eating? “sobremesa”. This word is kind of impossible to translate in others languages. Learning Spanish requires dedication, love, and compromise. It is why the Lingoda Sprint is a great idea: taking classes every day for one hour is the best formula to learn properly and to achieve your goals. 

You will make mistakes, you will have fun and you will meet new friends. When you cross the line and achieve your goal you will be a different person! It is the best skill that you will learn in your life. Just do it! You will discover a new world of possibilities. It doesn’t matter if you think that you are bad at languages or you think it is too complex. It’s not. Learning a language is awesome. Spanish is fun, it’s interesting and it’s worth it. ¡Vamos, que tu puedes!

If you’d like to start learning Spanish online then visit the Lingoda website and sign up for the Lingoda Sprint! You can learn Spanish and have the chance to earn up to 100% of your money back. 

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