5 Ways To Learn Spanish With The Internet

5 Ways To Learn Spanish With The Internet

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 4, 2022

The Internet enables you to access content coming from just about any part of the world quickly, easily and conveniently. A large portion of that content is also distributed for free, which makes it a great way to learn new things and broaden your horizons. Social media and other well-known platforms such as BuzzFeed are great ways to pass the time, but did you know they could be very helpful to learn new languages as well?

Here are 5 websites you can use to work on your Spanish as well as our best tips on how to get started!


1. BuzzFeed

If you spend a lot of time on the internet – and use it for school or work- chances are you already spend a lot of time on your local version of BuzzFeed, or on similar websites. And procrastinating is probably also part of your routine. Therefore, why not take advantage of this seemingly problematic situation by working on your Spanish skills in the process? Just visit BuzzFeed in Spanish and learn new words all while having fun! BuzzFeed has very varied content, so you’ll be able to read up on the latest memes, food crazes, fashion trends and celebrity news all in one place. Also, BuzzFeed’s articles’ format makes them very easy to digest and the pictures will help you understand things even if you don’t know every word yet.

Just visit: http://www.buzzfeed.com/?country=es
2. Reddit

Reddit is not only a place where Internet trends are born and strange topics are discussed. It is also the best platform for you to connect with Spanish learners, native Spanish speakers and Spanish-speaking culture. You will find message boards dedicated to a large variety of topics – pretty much anything your mind can fathom, actually. They are called subreddits and can be accessed by typing www.reddit.com/r/ and the name of the subreddit you wish to access.

To help you learn Spanish, you can start by visiting subreddits dedicated to language learning to connect with other students. To improve your understanding, you will find the largest community of Spanish speakers on the Español thread. And if you want to learn by having fun, there are even subreddits dedicated to Spanish memes and Spanish-speaking music.


3. Twitter

Twitter can help you a lot in your progression towards fluency in Spanish. First of all, if you use Twitter already, why don’t you simply add a few Spanish-speaking accounts to your followings? This way, you will be exposed to the language regularly and without even trying, which makes it the best option to learn on the go and easily. If you don’t use Twitter already, consider registering to follow some Spanish-speaking accounts, or just browse through their feed from time to time! The main asset of Twitter is its 140 character limit which makes it the perfect media for busy language learners like you! No need to read your way through long texts to look for relevant information. Also, these short pieces of content are very straightforward and to the point. Last but not least, Twitter incorporates a nice translation tool that might come in handy if you cannot figure out what a specific word means.



Like Reddit, Tumblr is where Internet trends are born. It is also an incredibly easy to use blogging platform that you will love if you aren’t very familiar with it already. Fresh content is posted and shared daily by its very lively community and you will find a blog on any topic you could think of. Remember the “Fuck yeah (insert celebrity name or hobby)” blogs? Or the “When you live in (…)” reaction GIFs craze? Yes, these were Tumblr-born!

Regarding language learning, Tumblr’s selling point is that it is a largely visual platform. This means that the pictures which are posted will definitely help you understand things better by adding context. Moreover, you will learn a lot about popular culture in Spanish-speaking countries!


5. Blogs

Now, bite-sized social media posts might not be enough to satisfy your craving for written content in Spanish. This is where blogs come into play! Reading blogs in Spanish is a great way to get used to reading longer texts and to read up on topics that you really enjoy. It will also help build up your vocabulary related to your field of interests. This is crucial as an important factor that language learners often forget is that you will need to be able to talk about yourself. Therefore, the vocabulary you’ll learn from textbooks might not be your best option! You will find some suggestions below, but just Google “mejores blogs de” followed by your topic to find the best blogs on the subject you are interested in.

If you’re inspired to learn languages online, head over to our website and sign up for your week trial. 

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