Learn English with top YouTuber Emma from  mmmEnglish!

Learn English with top YouTuber Emma from mmmEnglish!

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 7, 2022

Following on from our blog with LoveEnglish, we spoke to Emma from mmmEnglish. She’s one of the biggest English language teachers out there, with a huge following of over 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channelShe told us about what language learning means to her and what life is really like for a full-time YouTuber.

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Who is Emma from mmmEnglish?

I’m Australian, originally from Melbourne and I love to travel, go out to restaurants with my friends to try new food and meet new people. I’ve had the incredible privilege of teaching English to students all around the world through my YouTube channel and I’m now devoting my time to helping others succeed in English and life through my online community for women called The Ladies’ Project. 

What is it really like to be a full time YouTuber?

Haha! Well, possibly not as glamorous as people might think! I start every day with a little yoga and meditation before taking some time to think about the day ahead over a coffee. I love coffee! ( I think I may be slightly addicted!) After that I get to work either writing scripts for YouTube, giving feedback to my editor or working on The Ladies’ Project.

Why Lingoda?

I really believe Lingoda put the success of their students first. They listen to feedback and change direction as best as they can to deliver a professional, results-driven experience at a price that is affordable. Their lessons are as interactive as technology will allow and I’m sure it’s only going to get better and better. Working with Lingoda has been awesome! There are some wonderful people there who are open-minded and offer me a lot of creative freedom in my work. 

Honest advice for language learners

I would encourage anyone who is serious about improving their skills and confidence to stop thinking about all the reasons they can’t participate in an event like the Lingoda Sprint, and focus on the incredible change they will feel and new opportunities they will create for themselves if they do. So I would offer these 3 tips:

1. Watch this video Emma from mmmEnglish created for her students about how it works and whether you really can get the 100% refund!

YouTube video

2. Commit. Dig deep, find the motivation, commit to being disciplined for 90 days.

3. Do it now. Time flies and before you know it, another wave of people out there will have made extraordinary progress while you are still spinning your wheels!

Why should people learn English?

Like all languages, English allows me to find and create a connection with other people. What I love about English is that it’s the global language so it allows me to connect with the most people! Through English, I have been able to meet people from over 65 countries, which is absolutely amazing don’t you think? 

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Open those doors!

Speaking other languages gives us a window into other cultures, other ways of life, the food people eat and different perspectives. Learning to speak other languages is a little like ‘cracking the code’ and learning the secrets of another world.

If you’re open to new experiences and willing to step outside your comfort zone, visiting an English speaking country can be a truly rewarding experience. It’s a chance to be surrounded by the language you’ve been trying to learn for so long. Of course, being in an English speaking country isn’t without its challenges! People speak much faster than you might be used to and you’re likely to hear a lot of confusing slang and local vocabulary which will be different wherever you go! Be brave! Be willing to try and always ask for help if you get stuck! You’ll be surprised how caring and helpful native speakers are when they know you’re a little stuck!

YouTube video

Tips for language learners

One thing is for certain, we are all busy. Building the skills and competence to speak English fluently and confidently takes a long time and everyone is always looking for a short cut. In fact the fastest way to learn a language and to remember what you’ve learned is to use it, and use it often. People who find a way to integrate daily English practice into their routine and have the discipline to make it happen not only improve significantly faster, they also learn to love the language and actually enjoy speaking as well.

Emma’s words of wisdom 

If you want to move abroad and learn a new language… Go for it! What a wonderful world we live in where we have this opportunity, or WILL have this opportunity again when COVID-19 fades away (and it will!). Moving to another country is an incredible experience on many levels, especially if you keep an open mind and are willing to try new things. Make sure you find a way to immerse yourself in the local culture and make friends with local people. It’s always better to regret something you tried than something you didn’t.

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