If you’ve ever finished a marathon, if you’ve ever learned a language, you’ll know that both activities require focus, planning and stamina. Our running and learning experts have plenty of tips for aspiring students who want to go the distance with Lingoda.

  1. Enter the event: Sounds obvious. Of course you have to enter. But don’t leave it to the last minute! The Lingoda Marathon, like any popular sporting event has a limited number of places. If you don’t want to miss out, or end up on the waiting list, makes sure you secure your place now.
  2. Choose a schedule: Beginner, intermediate or expert? Any runner will tell you that choosing a training schedule that matches your experience is critical. So it is with learning a language. Lingoda makes it easy to pick classes that match your language level.
  3. Got the right kit? For trainers, fitness trackers and lycra, read laptop, good internet connection and a quiet space to concentrate. Making sure you’ve got the gear will ensure you get the best possible language learning experience.
  4. Warm up properly: Before a class (or a training run), you need to make sure your brain and body are awake. Runners will spend 15 minutes or so stretching and jogging. For optimum learning, we recommend a brisk five minute walk and your coffee of choice before the class.
  5. Get there on time! No marathon runner would arrive at the start line with a minute to spare. Same with your language learning class. Make sure you’re set up and online at least ten minutes before the class starts. Check you have a good connection and confirm your microphone and speaker settings.

Language learning

Coffee and a quiet space to focus – essential to get the most from your language class

  1. Warm down: The right post-run routine prevents injuries. With Lingoda it ensures you get the most from your session. Give yourself 15 minutes after the lesson to digest the class and make a note of the key learning points from the session.
  2. Refuel for energy: An hour long class, every day, for three months is hard work. Runners carry gels to refuel. You should make sure you have a snack or two before the class. And make sure you have something to drink during the session. You’re going to be doing a lot of talking!
  3. Train regularly: Running and learning are habits. Find a time of day that works best for you and try to book your daily class around this time. We recommend booking at least seven days ahead to get the classes that match your schedule.
  4. Practice your apologies! It’s going to be a busy three months, whether you’re running every day or learning a language. Rehearse your excuses for when you aren’t able to make a social event. A marathon comes first!
  5. Share your experience: When you’re in the middle of your training, or your learning, getting support from fellow participants is vital. Lingoda has organised a Marathon Facebook Group where participants can share advice and learning tips.

Bonus tip!

Celebrate in style!  Congratulations, you made it! When you get to the finish line, after three months learning, make sure you celebrate big time. And don’t forget to tell the world. You can leave a review of the Lingoda Language Learning Marathon here.

If you’d like to find out more, head over to our website and you’ll find the selection of courses we have to offer!