What is the Lingoda Community?

We are pleased to announce the web version of the Lingoda Community Chat is now in Beta test with more than 100 invites out to beta testers.

To join the early beta group visit the request form at community.lingoda.com

If you’re an active student you can choose “Community Beta” from the menu in the student backend.

What is this about?

Lingoda Community will allow you to connect with classmates, find learning partners, find others with similar language learning goals, reach out to a Lingoda Ambassador, Coach or get #help!

How does it work?

Once you have signed up for the Lingoda Community you will automatically follow @Linguru.  

Linguru is your guide to learning at Lingoda!       

You can ask a question by tagging your message public or private to @Linguru.

Once you’re logged in, visit the “Profile Directory” to find others to follow.

More teachers, influencers, ambassadors and coaches are joining the Lingoda Community everyday!

Still seeing if Lingoda is right for you?  

Follow and message @TryLingoda to get all your questions answered.

You can also follow your language leader:   





Are my classmates in the Community Beta?

We are updating Beta members’ ‘Classroom Display Name’ with their community @alias so you can make a note of your classmates and contact them after and between classes to study and practice together!  

Is there an iPhone or Android App?

Yes! Join the Beta for advanced access to these Apps.

Watch for @Linguru’s posts on the Lingoda Community Beta for more!



If you’d like to know more about the languages we teach, visit our website and start your week trial today!