How to Talk About Work in French

by Lingoda Team
June 6, 2019

Bonjour everyone!

In French, not everything is about culture and food, remember that French is also a language of diplomacy and business.

Let’s learn how to talk about work in French!

Let’s start talking about work in French

A job is called a métier or a profession in French. What is your métier?

Are you un médecin ? Une pilote d’avion ? Un cuisinier ? Or are you un infirmier ou une pharmacienne ? Do you know what all these profession names mean?

When are you working in French?

Tous les matins, every morning, I start à huit heures trente. (at eight thirty)

I have a lunch break, une pause-déjeuner, à midi. I like chatting with mes collègues and then I go back to work.

I finish work à dix-sept heures., which is the French way of saying 5 pm, I work these hours Monday to Friday, du lundi au vendredi.

If you are un professeur or un cuisinier, a teacher or a cook, you might also be working le soir, in the evening.

If you are une infirmière, a nurse, you might also be working la nuit, during the night.

Bonne journée au travail !

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