The NHS is one of the best things about the UK – free healthcare for everyone. The National Health Service, funded by direct taxation and founded in 1948, makes healthcare publicly accessible. For those who aren’t from the UK, there are ways to find affordable alternatives to health insurance. 

We’ve compiled three tips on how to get health insurance in the UK!

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Register for free healthcare with NHS

According to InternationsGO, the free public healthcare system is available for non-residents and UK residents, so expats are entitled to free healthcare. Great news, right?! It’s not that tricky to apply to be a part of it either. Here’s how to access the NHS if you are new to the UK:

Firstly, the EHIC will allow you to access NHS services. If you’re not a European citizen, you will require a European health insurance card and can then apply easily to this via the NHS wesbite.

Additionally, according to, if you are from outside of the EU and will stay for longer than 6 months in the UK, you have to pay a health surcharge of £150-200. 

Then, a trip to your local GP is necessary to register with a valid passport and proof of address. Afterwards, you’ll receive a medical card to use for appointments. 

With those steps completed, you can go to the doctors for free and be covered by the NHS. If you prefer paying for private healthcare, then here’s how to get a health insurance in the UK.

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Research for private healthcare 

NHS aside, private health insurance in the UK is also available although only 10.5% of the UK population pay for it. The benefits of private health insurance are bountiful because you can skip the long waiting time and access specialists help quickly.

Here are three popular private health insurances in the UK:

Compare health insurance quotes 

Lastly, when finding your ideal health insurance in the UK, make sure to compare quotes and find what’s best for you. is a website you can perform this on, offering free advice over the phone too. So there is a short but well-rounded guide on how to get health insurance in the UK! 

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