How to be Fluent in Spanish in 3 Months

How to be Fluent in Spanish in 3 Months

by Alison Maciejewski Cortez

Updated October 7, 2020

Can you be fluent in Spanish in 3 months? If that sounds impossible to you, it’s time to change your thinking. 

Learning Spanish online doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. If you make a short-term but intensive commitment, you might be able to accelerate your learning beyond what you imagine is possible.  A short-term commitment might be all you need to gain the fluency you are looking for. Ask yourself this question: How fast you could learn Spanish if you had the right motivation in place? 

How to become fluent in Spanish in a short time

Goal setting is important when you are working on any new skill. Learning Spanish is no different. In order to feel successful as a language learning student, you have to have benchmarks. When you fall short, push through. When you reach the next level, pat yourself on the back. It’s the little victories that motivate you.

First, let’s take a look at what a benchmark is. Getting fluent in Spanish doesn’t mean the same to every person. For new expats in a Spanish-speaking country it could mean ordering a morning coffee completely in Spanish. For business professionals in a Spanish-speaking work environment, it could mean giving that next presentation without having to resort to “Spanglish” in front of colleagues. For a traveller, it could be as simple as choosing the correct vocabulary word in Spanish for the country you are visiting. 

What does fluency mean to you? Whatever your situation, you can learn Spanish in 3 months and meet your fluency goals if you start today. The next three months will pass by anyway. Why not take the steps to learn Spanish fast and look back in April on some serious progress?

Practice Spanish Online

In the age of the internet, language learners have everything at their fingertips. As we always discuss at Lingoda, practice makes perfect. The best way to get faster fluency is to have a live conversation partner. Put your Spanish fluency to work in real life. 

One casual way to practice Spanish online is to connect with people just like you. That means other folks who are also doing online language learning. On Twitter, a recent trend is for learners to post a tweet in another language using the hashtag #PolyglotTweet. Others respond by correcting the grammar and offering encouragement. Wouldn’t it be cool to see your own Spanish tweet get some praise? 

Beyond free language exchange, there are inexpensive video chat lessons with a professional Spanish tutor and online group Spanish classes

As Lingoda Marathon Challenge finisher Daria Skachkovskaya mentions says, teachers can make a big difference.

“[Language] teachers are amazing. They’re people from everywhere; they’re really intelligent…about the topics of the lesson, about their experience, about their cultures, about their overview of everything.”

By focusing on topics that interest you and real-life experience from native speakers, you learn faster. Your memory stays stronger. Connect with people online to put your Spanish skills into practise.

woman studying Spanish online with lingoda using her laptop

Learn Spanish with the Lingoda Language Marathon Challenge

Learning Spanish is all about motivation. We talked about setting fluency goals, but what is it that makes you want to sit down at your laptop and learn something new every day? 

Are you a competitive person? If you are learning English, German, Spanish, or French you should enter yourself into a challenge. Push your abilities to the next level.

Lingoda online language learning offers the Language Marathon Challenge where you take 2-3 classes per week around your schedule. You can choose from the 3-month “Speak Better,” 6-month “Speak Confidently,” or 12-month “Speak Fluently” Marathon. If you attend 90% or more of our classes, you can earn a cash reward of up to a 1,400€ for private classes or up to 600€ for group classes. That’s 100% of your money back!

There is a Lingoda Language Sprint which is a promotion designed to help you learn your chosen language, and quickly. You can even earn up to 100% of your money back!

Whether you are motivated by money, competition, or pure learning, it is not impossible to be fluent in Spanish in 3 months. Take your fluency definition, connect with language buddies, set yourself up with the right motivation, and watch yourself succeed. 

Start learning Spanish online today. Connect with a native Spanish speaker to watch your language skills take off.

If you’d like to start learning Spanish online, and with native speaking teachers, visit the Lingoda and find the perfect learning package for you.