Honest Lingoda Review: A Student’s Testimonial

Honest Lingoda Review: A Student’s Testimonial

by Lingoda Team

Updated May 10, 2022

At Lingoda, we love to get to know our students, so we spoke to Anna about her experience of learning with us, and why she chose to switch her language learning online back in 2019. Here’s her honest review of Lingoda and how you can make the most of learning online.  

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My honest review of learning German with Lingoda 

I found out about Lingoda from a YouTube channel I was following in 2019 and decided to try the Lingoda Half Marathon (now called the Lingoda Sprint), which promised a 50% refund.

It was the 6th Lingoda Marathon, so there were plenty of reviews and everyone was quite reassuring saying that it was a good way to start speaking a new language fluently.

At that time, those 45 lessons were more about getting extra speaking practice with native speakers, while I was learning German at my local Goethe-Institut courses.

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Why choose Lingoda over other online and offline courses? 

After doing offline lessons, I realized Lingoda was better because of these reasons:

  • Smaller groups. First the groups were smaller, with a maximum of only 5 people.
  • Shorter classes. Second, one class was only 60 minutes compared to the exhausting 2.5-3 hour classes at the Goethe-Institut.
  • Flexibillty. I really liked that I could choose what and when to study and still be sure that all the topics for my level would be covered. And finally? It’s good value for money!

I’d been teaching foreign languages for many years, so I was very aware of which skills I needed to improve, but these online lessons are different from all the other courses I’ve tried, both online and offline. Here are some of my insights:

Anna’s tips: How to boost your language learning with Lingoda

1. Take the earliest lesson

Whenever I can, I take the earliest lesson so that I get a feeling of accomplishment in the morning. I’ve noticed the earlier the lesson, the smaller the group. Sometimes on Monday mornings, there are only 1 or 2 students per class!

2. Download the learning materials

To activate vocabulary and grammar structures, I found it more efficient to download the learning materials before the lesson and write out and translate all the new words.

When I am ready for the class and noted down ideas for discussion it feels 10 times more efficient than when I am not ready. And, of course, there are days when I come unprepared, but now they are a rare thing.

3. Translate new words in advance

For reading classes, I always translate all the new words, and sometimes it can take me up to 2 hours, but it’s worth it. It saves a lot of time if the teacher doesn’t have to explain the meaning of all the words.

So I only ask for clarification if I couldn’t find an adequate translation or I don’t understand the difference between similar words. I avoid asking “What does this word mean?”. I take the responsibility for the parts I can do on my own. 

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4. Make up your own sentences using the new expressions you learned

For some lessons where we focus on collocations (words that sound natural together), I take the time after the lesson to write my own text with as many new expressions as I can.

5. Get ready days before the lesson

I do my best to get ready two days before the lesson, or at least on the evening before the class. When you translate and review the words and then get a good night’s sleep, and then study, the vocabulary will stay with you longer. 

6. Take the quizzes after each lesson

This year Lingoda added quizzes after each lesson. I made a rule to do them on the same day as the lesson and to look through the presentation just before the quiz.

It usually takes less than 20 minutes. I’ve noticed that leaving the quizzes for later can turn them into a burden.  

7. Try to take only one lesson per day

I don’t take more than one lesson a day. Even when I was staying at home during the pandemic and tried to make the most of it by taking more classes, two lessons required preparation of about 2 hours each (+2 quizzes) and it got a little bit too much. 

anna's work area when she studies with lingoda

How Anna sets up her study area when taking classes with Lingoda.

My hopes for the future of Lingoda

  • I would like to see a page where I could add teachers and to see if they have upcoming classes for different steps of the same level (for the whole range of B2, not just B2.1). I have to keep a separate list of links to teachers’ pages. 
  • To have the opportunity to submit a piece of writing after the lesson devoted to advancing writing skills, so the teachers can review my work and give feedback.  
  • I want to improve my pronunciation, so at least one lesson fully aimed at improving pronunciation for each level would be great!

How you can make the most of learning online

So there you have it! Anna’s honest review of Lingoda and the platform.

If you want to read more Lingoda reviews you can do so on the Trustpilot website. Anna took The Lingoda Language Sprint (formerly the Lingoda Language Marathon). She chose to take the Sprint challenge, which is 15 classes a month for 2 months.

If you manage to complete it, you can earn 50% of your money back! If you want more of a challenge, or you have more time, you can choose the Super Sprint which is 30 classes a month for 2 months. Join like-minded students like Anne, and explore your new language today.

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