Can You Dream in Another Language?

Can You Dream in Another Language?

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 10, 2022

Do you dream in a different language?

Singing in French at the top of the Eiffel Tower, having dinner with a giant chicken speaking Spanish, or becoming a German speaking deep sea diver? We’ve heard it all!

We asked the Lingoda Team about their experiences of dreaming in other languages. The common trend, and science backs this up, is that you begin to dream more in the language you are learning once you are fully immersed, or you are around the B1/B2 intermediate level of learning.

When we are actively thinking, and are surrounded by the language we are learning, this leads to more subconscious thoughts which creates more dreams! It seems everyone will encounter it at some point in the language learning process.

Here are some of our top language dream picks from the Lingoda Team:

“I lived in Paris for a short time and I used to dream that I was singing in French at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Maybe I should become a popstar!”

“I once had a dream where Angela Merkel was having dinner with my family. My family are Spanish, but we were speaking in German!”

“As a teenager, I spent a couple of summers at an Irish camp. We would live out in the country with a host family for a few weeks and we were totally immersed in the Irish language. When I was there, I used to have dreams in Irish all the time and it was usually about sheep! We were surrounded by them! I would also count sheep, in Irish, to fall asleep.”

“In my last dream, there was a giant chicken who was sitting at the head of a dinner table and everyone else at the table was intimidated by him! He was speaking in Spanish.”

“After I moved to Germany, I started dreaming that I was a deep sea diving instructor. Every time I took a new group out to explore, I would speak in German… and then forget all the words when we were in the middle of the ocean!”

“When I first moved to Berlin in my Erasmus year, I kept dreaming in German. I was surrounded by the language all the time. It still happens now, I think they always involve people who I either don’t know or who I normally speak to in German. I was around B2 level when it first started happening.”

Have you ever experienced dreaming in another language? Tell us about it on our Twitter, Facebook,  or VK! We would love to hear about your sleep-time adventures.

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