122 names of countries in Spanish

122 names of countries in Spanish

by Alison Maciejewski Cortez

Updated September 28, 2023

Country names in Spanish can be tricky. As a beginning Spanish learner, it’s easy to mix up the names of countries and the adjectives used to describe people or things from those countries. For example, even native speakers sometimes confuse the names of European countries like Sweden (Suecia) and Switzerland (Suiza) and their associated nationalities (sueco and suizo, respectively). 

But it’s not all bad news. After all, there are two whole continents (North America and South America) where many of the Spanish names for countries are the same as in English. 

To keep it all straight, we’ve put together a solid list of country names in Spanish. We’ve even included the nationalities in Spanish. This is important because sometimes they don’t match!

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Country names in Spanish for European nations tend to be the most different from English.

Country in SpanishCountry in EnglishNationality in SpanishNationality in English
1. IslandiaIcelandislandésIcelandic
2. IrlandaIrelandirlandesIrish
3. Reino UnidoUnited KingdombritánicoBritish
3a. GalesWalesgalésWelsh
3b. EscociaScotlandescocésScottish
3c. InglaterraEnglandinglésEnglish
4. NoruegaNorwaynoruegoNorwegian
5. SueciaSwedensuecoSwedish
6. FinlandiaFinlandfinlandésFinnish
7. RusiaRussiarusoRussian
8. PortugalPortugalportuguésPortuguese
9. FranciaFrancefrancésFrench
10. MónacoMonacomonegascoMonégasque
11. BélgicaBelgiumbelgaBelgian
12. Países BajosNetherlandsneerlandésDutch
13. AlemaniaGermanyalemánGerman
14. DinamarcaDenmarkdanésDanish
15. PoloniaPolandpolacoPolish
16. LituaniaLithuanialituanoLithuanian
17. LetoniaLatvialetónLatvian
18. EstoniaEstoniaestonioEstonian
19. UcraniaUkraineucranianoUkrainian
20. RumaniaRomaniarumanoRomanian
21. GreciaGreecegriegoGreek
22. CroaciaCroatiacroataCroatian
23. HungríaHungaryhúngaroHungarian
24. AustriaAustriaaustriacoAustrian
25. ChequiaCzechiachecoCzech
26. EslovaquiaSlovakiaeslovacoSlovakian
27. SuizaSwitzerlandsuizoSwiss
28. ItaliaItalyitalianoItalian
29. Ciudad del VaticanoVatican CityvaticanoVaticanian or Vaticano
30. ChipreCypruschipriotaCypriot
31. TurquíaTurkeyturcoTurkish

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Country in SpanishCountry in EnglishNationality in SpanishNationality in English
32. SiriaSyriasirioSyrian
33. LíbanoLebanonlibanésLebanese
34. PalestinaPalestinepalestinoPalestinian
35. Arabia SauditaSaudi ArabiasaudíSaudi Arabian
36. IrakIraqiraquíIraqi
37. IránIraniraníIranian
38. KazajistánKazakhstankazajoKazakhstani or Kazakh
39. AfganistánAfghanistanafganoAfghanistani or Afghan
40. PakistánPakistanpakistaníPakistani
41. IndiaIndiaindioIndian
42. Sri LankaSri LankaesrilanquésSri Lankan
43. BirmaniaMyanmarbirmanoBurmese
44. TailandiaThailandtailandésThai
45. LaosLaoslaosianoLaotian
46. CamboyaCambodiacamboyanoCambodian
47. VietnamVietnamvietnamitaVietnamese
48. MalasiaMalaysiamalasioMalaysian
49. SingapurSingaporesingapurenseSingaporean
50. IndonesiaIndonesiaindonésIndonesia
51. MongoliaMongoliamongolMongolian
52. ChinaChinachinoChinese
53. Corea del SurSouth KoreasurcoreanoSouth Korean
54. JapónJapanjaponésJapanese
55. TaiwánTaiwantaiwanésTaiwanese
56. FilipinasPhilippinesfilipinoFilipino

Australia and Oceania

Country in SpanishCountry in EnglishNationality in SpanishNationality in English
57. Papúa Nueva GuineaPapua New Guineapapú Papua New Guinean
58. AustraliaAustraliaaustralianoAustralian
59. Nueva ZelandaNew ZealandneozelandésNew Zealander
60. PalaosPalaupalauanoPalauan
61. MicronesiaMicronesiamicronesioMicronesian
62. Islas MarshallMarshall IslandsmarshalésMarshallese
63. SamoaSamoasamoanoSamoan
64. TongaTongatonganoTongan
65. FiyiFijifiyianoFijian


Country Names in SpanishCountry in EnglishNationalities in SpanishNationality in English
66. ArgeliaAlgeriaargelinoAlgerian
67. TúnezTunisiatunecinoTunisian
68. LibiaLibyalibioLibyan
69. EgiptoEgyptegipcioEgyptian
70. SudánSudansudanésSudanese
71. EtiopíaEthiopiaetíopeEthiopian
72. YibutiDjiboutiyibutianoDjiboutian
73. KeniaKenyakenianoKenyan
74. TanzaniaTanzaniatanzanoTanzanian
75. UgandaUgandaugandésUgandan
76. RuandaRwandaruandésRwandan
77. MozambiqueMozambiquemozambiqueñoMozambican
78. ZimbabueZimbabwezimbabuenseZimbabwean
79. NamibiaNamibianamibioNamibian
80. SudáfricaSouth AfricasudafricanoSouth African
81. MadagascarMadagascarmalgacheMalagasy
82. República Democrática del CongoDemocratic Republic of CongocongoleñoCongolese
83. CamerúnCamerooncamerunésCameroonian
84. República CentroafricanaCentral African RepubliccentroafricanoCentral African
85. AngolaAngolaangoleñoAngolan
86. ChadChadchadianoChadian
87. NígerNigernigerinoNigerien
88. NigeriaNigerianigerianoNigerian
89. MalíMalimalienseMalian
90. BenínBeninbeninésBeninese
91. TogoTogotogolésTogolese
92. GhanaGhanaghanésGhanaian
93. MauritaniaMauritaniamauritanoMauritanian
94. Sierra LeonaSierra LeonesierraleonésSierra Leonean
95. LiberiaLiberialiberianoLiberian
96. Burkina FasoBurkina FasoburkinésBurkinabè
97. GuineaGuineaguineanoGuinean
98. Guinea BisseauGuinea BisseaubisauguineanoBissau-Guinean
99. MarruecosMoroccomarroquíMoroccan

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North America

Country Names in SpanishCountry in EnglishNationalities in SpanishNationality in English
100. CanadáCanadacanadienseCanadian
101. Estados UnidosUnited StatesestadounidenseAmerican
102. MéxicoMexicomexicanoMexican
103. GuatemalaGuatemalaguatemaltecoGuatemalan
104. BeliceBelizebeliceñoBelizean
105. HondurasHondurashondureñoHonduran
106. El SalvadorEl SalvadorsalvadoreñoSalvadorian
107. NicaraguaNicaraguanicaragüenseNicaraguan
108. PanamáPanamapanameñoPanamanian
109. Costa RicaCosta RicacostarricenseCosta Rican
110. JamaicaJamaicajamaiquinoJamaican
111. CubaCubacubanoCuban
112. HaitíHaitihaitianoHaitian
113. República DominicanaDominican RepublicdominicanoDominican
114. Trinidad y TobagoTrinidad and TobagotrinitenseTrinidadian or Tobagonian

South America

Country Names in SpanishCountry in EnglishNationalities in SpanishNationality in English
115. ColombiaColombiacolombianoColombian
116. VenezuelaVenezuelavenezolanoVenezuelan
117. BrasilBrazilbrasileñoBrazilian
118. UruguayUruguayuruguayoUruguayan
119. ArgentinaArgentinaargentinoArgentinian
120. BoliviaBoliviabolivianoBolivian
121. ChileChilechilenoChilean
122. PerúPeruperuanoPeruvian

A note on gender and nationality in Spanish

For female nouns, the nationality must be written accordingly. You do this by adding an “a” at the end (if the word ends in a consonant) or by swapping the final “o” for an “a.” For example:

  • Icelandic → islandés/islandesa 
  • British → británico/británica

If the nationality already ends in “e,” “a” or “i,” nothing changes. For example:

  • Ethiopian → etíope
  • Croat → croata
  • Moroccan → marroquí

Most of the country names in Spanish

Learning country names in Spanish helps you talk about a lot of topics: politics, travel, where you’re from and more. For many countries, the names in Spanish are not that different. But the nationalities can be a bit trickier. Remember that country names in Spanish are capitalized, but nationalities are not. Now, get out there and impress with your knowledge of language and geography!

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Alison Maciejewski Cortez

Alison Maciejewski Cortez is Chilean-American, born and raised in California. She studied abroad in Spain, has lived in multiple countries, and now calls Mexico home. She believes that learning how to order a beer in a new language reveals a lot about local culture. Alison speaks English, Spanish, and Thai fluently and studies Turkish. Her consulting business takes her around the world and she is excited to share language tips as part of the Lingoda team. Follow her culinary and cultural experiences on Twitter.

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