Meet Lingoda’s CEO Who’s Taking the Marathon!

Meet Lingoda’s CEO Who’s Taking the Marathon!

by Lingoda Team

Updated February 9, 2021

What’s it really like to learn with the Lingoda Marathon Challenge?

Who better to ask than Lingoda’s CEO, Mike Shangkuan.

This summer, Mike is putting himself into the shoes of a Lingoda student by taking the German Marathon Challenge.

We are going to document his language learning progress at the beginning and the end of the challenge, so we can check if he really improves – and does his homework!

What does the Half-Marathon involve?

Well, Mike will have to take 15, hour-long lessons every month for three months. That’s quite a challenge (although not as demanding as the Sprint, which can involve taking 30 lessons every month). The good thing is, he will be able to fit the lessons around his busy schedule as a CEO.

Why the Marathon, and why now?

For Mike, it’s all about improving his German speaking confidence in everyday situations. As mentioned in the clip below, Mike has learned German up to C1 level, having lived in Berlin for almost three years. However, he’s struggling with confidence and wants to be more self-assured at work and social gatherings.

“A few days ago I was at a dinner and everybody was speaking German. And I was feeling uncomfortable being unable to interact. As an ex-pat I’ve also got important meetings coming up with German government agencies, so I want to be as confident and clear as possible.”

Will it work?

There’s only one way to find out! As we mentioned, Mike is going to record himself speaking German at the start of the Marathon Challnege and at the end. So you’ll get to see him at the finish line having completed 45 lessons. Keep your eyes peeled for the videos which will feature on our social channels and our YouTube.

“I’m really proud of the Marathon Challenge and thrilled that so many students have transformed their careers and their lives by learning a new language with Lingoda,” says Mike. “Am I nervous? Yes. Excited? Definitely. Best of luck to everybody taking part in the Marathon this time round and see you at the finish line!”

Check out Mike’s introduction in the video below!


Head over to the Lingoda website today to start your own Lingoda Language Marathon. You never know, you might end up in a class with our CEO!