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Apr 18, 2024

Reflexive pronouns and how to use them

Are you familiar with words like “myself” and “ourselves”? These are reflexive pronouns, which we use to reflect the action...


Apr 11, 2024

13 resources for English reading practice

Reading is a fundamental (and often free) aspect of learning a language. Not only can it increase your vocabulary, but...


Apr 11, 2024

38 ways to express your feelings in English

How are you feeling today? Are you happy or sad? Chances are, you’re experiencing something a bit more specific —...


Mar 26, 2024

54 French words used in the English language

We’ve written a lot of language guides here at Lingoda, but this one might be the crème de la crème....


Mar 26, 2024

27 interjections in English to make you sound like a native speaker

Do you want to learn about interjections in English? If your first thought is, “huh?”, you’re already on the right...


Mar 25, 2024

Colors in English: How to describe different hues and shades

From the crisp blues of the morning sky to the reddish shades at sunset, from the bright yellows of the...

Sep 29, 2023

Introducing the Lingoda Podcast: Captivating stories for the curious language learner

Hello? Is this thing on? Okay! Gather ‘round and listen closely, because we have something to tell you…Lingoda audio learning...

Young smiling woman standing next to her car learning the car parts in English

Jun 12, 2023

Car parts in English: A guide to car-related jargon

Renting a car and heading out on a road trip gives you enormous freedom to explore a new place. And,...

Woman laying on a couch upside down listening to a business English podcast with headphones on

Apr 18, 2023

The 7 best podcasts to learn business English 

Why listen to podcasts to learn business English? Firstly, podcasts are an excellent way to develop your listening skills. Business...

Young woman using her laptop sitting on a couch studying the personal pronouns in English

Apr 18, 2023

English personal pronouns: A guide for you and me

Personal pronouns are words that we use to refer to people or things without using their proper names. In English,...

Welcome sign saying

Mar 30, 2023

The Florida accent: Speech in the Sunshine State

In the latest edition of our American Accents series, we’re heading to Florida to bask in the speech and slang...

Couple speaking French sign language

Mar 01, 2023

A quick guide to French Sign Language

French Sign Language (FSL) was created in the 1600s and today is used by roughly 100,000 French speakers in France...