Language resources for German learners

Young man learning German adverbs

Dec 05, 2023

The most common types of German adverbs

How did it happen? When did it happen, and where? These questions may sound like they’re part of an emergency...

Young woman learning forms of sein in German

Dec 05, 2023

How to conjugate four of the most common forms of “sein” in German

Sein oder nicht sein, das ist hier die Frage (“To be or not to be, that is the question”). Shakespeare...

Happy student sitting at her laptop in an online language lclass learning about the past perfect in German

Nov 23, 2023

Plusquamperfekt: How to form and use the past perfect in German

If two events happened in the past, how would you know that one of them occurred earlier than the other?...

Smiling woman looking at her laptop studying the German plurals

Nov 23, 2023

German plurals: Mastering the rules and exceptions

The plural is one of the first noun categories you will have to master in German. After all, some things...

Smiling woman sits outside at her laptop learning the German subjunctive mode

Nov 21, 2023

How to master the German subjunctive mood

Understanding the German subjunctive mood is essential for all German learners. Knowing how and when to use the Subjunctive 1...

Young couple cycling in autumn studying the seasons in German

Nov 10, 2023

The four seasons in German: Vocabulary and more

Snowy winters, hot summers, colorful leaves in fall and the first flowers of spring. The seasons in Germany, Austria and...

Two young women sitting outside of a café, one looks surprised and uses German interjections

Nov 10, 2023

‘Ups, hä? Ach so!’ German interjections and how to use them

Why do we need interjections in German? To communicate our feelings and opinions more expressively to other people. Ih! and...

Male and female engineers wearing hemlemts looking at a laptop together - A popular German profession

Oct 27, 2023

What’s your profession called in German?

Asking someone about their work is part of everyday small talk. It is especially helpful in Germany — known to...

Afro-American woman typing on a calculator studying the German ordinal numbers

Oct 20, 2023

How to form and use German ordinal numbers

Ordinal numbers are among the first and most important vocabulary to learn in German. These numbers — which describe the...

Smiling woman looking at her German language certificate

Oct 20, 2023

6 German language certifications to prove your German skills

There are many good reasons you might want to acquire a German language certification. Maybe you’re applying to a German...

Young man with blonde hair sitting at his laptop studying the German conjunctions

Oct 06, 2023

German conjunctions explained: Connecting German sentences

Are you sick of talking like a German robot? German conjunctions can add color and texture to the way you...

Two young people chatting and practicing responses to

Oct 06, 2023

How to reply to “How are you doing?” in German

A commonly observed difference between German speakers and English speakers is the way they typically greet each other. Newcomers to...