Can I Learn English Fluently in 3 Months?

Can I Learn English Fluently in 3 Months?

by Laura Jones

Updated November 9, 2022

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to learn English? If you made this resolution, you won’t be alone. But for many people, the idea of being able to speak English fluently in a short period of time seems like a distant and impossible dream. Well, dream no more. You absolutely can learn English fluently in 3 months with a little help from Lingoda

How to speak English fluently in 3 months

The key to speaking fluently is… practising speaking. This shouldn’t really be news to you. But there are still many language learners who concentrate on completing page after page of grammar exercises and hope to improve their language that way. Or other learners who watch Netflix and YouTube in English and find their comprehension goes through the roof (great work!), but that they still can’t speak. We understand; speaking in a foreign language is difficult and it can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be either of those things. 

Whatever experience you’ve had with language learning before, we guarantee that in just 3 months you can learn to speak English fluently. Simply opening your mouth is one of the biggest hurdles for learners who feel like their tongue is tied when it comes to speaking. The key is to focus on communication and not on perfection. You will not be able to speak English perfectly after 3 months. But, it’s likely you won’t speak English perfectly after 3 years, or even 30 years, either. After 3 months, you should expect to make mistakes, but you should be confident that you will be understood. And, we think you will actually start to enjoy speaking English

How can Lingoda help?

Lingoda offers speaking-focused lessons with native English teachers. The classes are small, which means that you and your little group get a lot of speaking time. The lessons are on a wide variety of topics which means that you will be able to speak confidently in a variety of situations. Whether you’re complaining about finding a hair in your fish and chips while in London or negotiating a business deal with an Elvis lookalike in Las Vegas, Lingoda has got you covered. 

The lessons are for complete beginners through to advanced students and they teach you how to speak like a native speaker. No false, useless textbook English (has anyone ever used: My tailor is rich?), just real English that you can hear from Sydney to New York. But don’t worry – the learning plan is structured in line with the European Framework, so you’ll know all of the grammar your book-learning friends know too. 

Can the Lingoda Sprint help you learn a language?

If you really fancy challenging yourself and making huge improvements in your English quickly, the Lingoda Sprint is for you. You can sign up for 90 classes over three months which will allow you to speak English with a native speaker every day. There is no better way to improve your language than that. We guarantee that in 3 months you will be speaking English confidently, no matter what level you start from. On top of that, you will get 100% of your payment back if you attend all of your lessons. That means you can learn to speak English fluently for free. No catch, we promise.

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