Business English with Anastacia Kay

Business English with Anastacia Kay

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 10, 2022

Why should you learn Business English?

Good question!

Well, meet Anastacia Kay, successful YouTuber and Harvard student. Her YouTube channel boasts over 500,000 subscribers who avidly follow her and love her informative videos about productivity, life hacks, planning, time management and learning languages.

Anastacia can speak 7 languages to different levels but admits that without Business English, she wouldn’t be where she is today – studying at one of the world’s best universities. 

Why Learn Business English with Lingoda?

Our new and improved Business English course now boasts over 150 new topics! From perfecting your CV to running a meeting, you can interact with and learn from native English speakers in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. You can take one-to-one classes or, if you prefer to learn from others, you can choose group classes with an average of 3 students.

After taking part in the course, you’ll see your language skills and confidence significantly improve. With classes starting at A2, you’re bound to find the right topics to help you make the career progression you deserve. 

Anastacia visited the Lingoda office and spoke to our team about why learning Business English has changed her life. 

YouTube video

You can find out more about Anastacia on her YouTube, Instagram channels and her website

Start your business English journey and sign up for your free week trial today!

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