Boost Your Speaking Confidence in Only Three Months!

by Lingoda Team
August 13, 2019

Looking for a flexible yet structured way to learn a language that actually works?

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Combine real life speaking with learning-at-home comfort. Make real progress with native speaking teachers that hold you accountable to your language learning goals. Forget language apps with nonsense phrases and vocabulary liststhis is real speaking practise to suit your schedule.

The five principles of the Lingoda Marathon Plan

The five principles of the Lingoda Marathon Plan guarantees you will speak your target language with more confidence and fluency in just three months.

1. Speak for 60 minutes every day

There’s no substitute for real life conversation. By spending 60 minutes each day talking with a native speaker, you put theory into practice and receive instant feedback from teachers. You’re practising speaking and putting together sentences every class – not just learning isolated vocabulary words or meaningless phrases. Do your language class in the morning, during work, or after the kids go to bed – make those hours count.


2. Work with fully qualified language teachers

Our experienced native speaking teachers work with you to make sure you understand the material, and answer your questions in real time. They correct your pronunciation, and help you find the right words for what you want to say. No textbook phrases here, this is real conversations with real people suited to your schedule. No app can do that.

3. Enjoy small class sizes with an average of only three other students

No more hiding at the back of a 20-person class. No more inflexible bots or apps. Immerse yourself into your chosen language with native-speaking teachers, and an average of only three other students per class. Struggling with grammar or pronunciation? Ask your teachers. With small class sizes, there’s time to address individual questions. Why spend time clicking through flash cards when you can perfect your interactions in real-world situations.


4. Work with a curriculum created by experts

Learn English, Business English, German, Spanish or French. With thousands of lessons created by educational experts, and a structured curriculum developed inline with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the Lingoda Sprint Boost gives you a giant step up in conversation confidence.

5. Make real progress in only three months


Whether you choose the Sprint or the Super Sprint

Whether you choose the Sprint or the Super Sprint, at the end of three months you will have made a habit of language learning.

Working with native speakers everyday

Working with native speakers everyday gives you a real immersion experience, with all those little phrases and patterns that you only get from interacting with native speakers.

Find out what real people say to each other

Find out what real people say to each other in different situations, and at the end of three months you will sound more natural and confident.

With interactive classes at your fingertips, why wait? We want you to speak the language you’ve always wanted to. Join the last ever Lingoda Language Sprint and start your language learning journey. 

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