The best adult languages classes

The best adult languages classes

by Jakob Straub

Updated November 25, 2020

The success of your language learning efforts will stand and fall with the class you choose. Of course you’re looking for high quality with professional and certified teachers as well as course material developed by experts in language learning and didactics.

But you’ll also want to make sure the class fits your learning needs beyond the language skills you want to acquire. With Lingoda, not only can you choose English and Business English, German, Spanish or French, you can also select from different learning approaches. Our overview of the Sprint, Marathon and the regular month-to-month packages.

Learn a language in three months: The Lingoda Sprint

The Lingoda Sprint is for you if you enjoy a good challenge and want to significantly improve your language skills in three months. It is available in two different intensities, both of which will test and push your limits. Thousands of successful and satisfied students who completed the Sprint prove that it is possible.

Not only that, the Lingoda Sprint is also worth your time and effort in a double sense: if you complete the course, you’ll increase your proficiency and also earn a refund. The cashback will depend on the level of intensity you choose when you join the Sprint or Super Sprint:

  • The Lingoda Sprint: Intensive learning on a flexible schedule with 15 classes per month over three months with the option of earning 50 percent cashback when you complete the course without missing a class.
  • The Lingoda Super Sprint:  Higher intensity with the same flexibility and 30 classes per month over three months and the option of earning 100 percent cashback when completing the course without missing a class.

Learning a language one hour per day: tips to finish the sprint

The high intensity of the Sprint means attending classes every day or every other day, so you can expect a past progress and a great end result with a dramatic improvement of your language skills.

As with all course approaches on our platform, you can pick English, German, French, Spanish and Business English and can take a placement test beforehand to determine your level. As with all our classes, you’ll be studying with native speakers as teachers, proven methods and material designed by experts. Find out more with the comparison between the Lingoda Sprint and the Super Sprint.

Achieve fluency and earn cashback: The Lingoda Marathon

Should the Sprint sound overly ambitious to you and you want to develop a language learning habit over a different time period, the Lingoda Marathon might fit your needs. You can select from various class frequencies to fit your busy schedule while committing to a fixed period after which you can expect definitive results.

The Lingoda Marathon takes you from beginner to advanced while building a habit in either three, six or twelve months. That way you’ll either complete one full learning module, progress from one level to the next or progress up to two full levels. As an additional reward apart from improving your language skills, you can earn up to €400 in cashback if you attend 90% of your classes.

  • Quarter Marathon: Complete 45 classes over the course of three months to finish one learning module, for example A1.1.
  • Half Marathon: Complete 90 classes over the course of six months to progress one full level, for example from A1 to A2. You can also take a Linguaskill from Cambridge speaking test for free.
  • Full Marathon: Complete 180 classes over the course of a full year to progress up to two levels, for example from A2 to B2. You can also take a complete Linguaskill from Cambridge test in four skills.

Best online English classes 2020: the very best classes by rank

Did you know that not only are the plans for the Lingoda Marathon at least 27 percent cheaper than offline language classes, you also get a seven day trial period. Depending on which plan you choose, you can either try three group classes or one private class before you commit to the best adult language class of your choice. Learn more about how the Lingoda Language Marathon can help you master a new language in the long term.

Learn around your schedule: Month-to-month

If you have a little more time, and you’re looking to learn a language around your busy life, then Lingoda’s month-to-month packages will be perfect for you. You can choose to book as little as 4 lessons per month in your chosen language. All you have to do is decide if you want to:

  • Maintain your level: 1h a week
  • Improve your level: 3h a week
  • Step change your level: 5h a week
  • Get fluent: 20h a week

Simply select your language learning goal and whether you want to learn in a group (3-5 students) or in a 1-on-1 session. Prices start from as little as €8 per class. With the month-to-month option, you won’t have the chance to earn any of your money back, but you also don’t have to consider any promotional terms and conditions.

Interested in online language classes? Find out how learning a language can boost your career in general!

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