Become a Sprint Champion

Become a Sprint Champion

by Erin McGann
September 6, 2021

Want to get more confident speaking another language in three months? With the Lingoda Sprint™, if you focus on your language lessons regularly for three months you’ll get cash back on your lesson fees. Boost your speaking confidence, expand your vocabulary, and make good learning habits this winter!

Ready to really hit my language learning goals?

To take part in the Language Sprint beginning on 31 October, you need to sign up before 15 October, and put down a deposit of €49 ($59). Your class fees will be charged in three instalments, and at the end if you’ve attended 15 classes a month within the Sprint you’ll receive half your fees back. If you sign up for the Super Sprint and attend 30 classes a month, you’ll receive all your class fees back. Use those winter days to your advantage and you will be able to tick off a New Year’s resolution already by the end of January!

Build a habit and get rewarded with cash back

That’s the great thing about the Lingoda Sprint – you’re incentivised to take regular classes thanks to the cashback system. Lingoda is flexible, letting you make your own schedule, but the Sprint also gives you goals to keep you on track. The Sprint is three months long, so it’s short enough that you can just dive in, but long enough to see some real progress in your language learning. Consistency is key when making a new habit, and when it comes to getting comfortable speaking a new language too.

What languages can I take and do I need a pile of new books for this?

You can do the Lingoda Sprint in English, Business English, French, Spanish, and German. Teachers at Lingoda are always trained language teachers and native speakers, so you will get proper instruction in pronunciation and how real people speak. The course materials are all online so there’s no expensive stack of books to buy. Start a nice new notebook for each new language level and have an excuse to use that really good pen. Even that’s not required though!

Getting the most out of your Lingoda class

Each Lingoda class is an hour long, and your teacher will ask you to speak off and on throughout your class, as well as type some answers into the chat. At most you’ll only have four other classmates, so there’s no hiding in the back! It’s best to login about 15 minutes before your class starts and check the audio and video connection. You don’t need to have your video on if you’re not comfortable with that. Once everything is good to go, get your water bottle filled up, set out your pen and notebook, and settle in for the next hour. In class, try your best to answer the questions and don’t use a translation app. We all make mistakes because we’re learning, but don’t worry, your fellow classmates are not noting down how often you used the wrong article. Lingoda teachers are patient and helpful, not judgemental.

Take your place on the winners’ podium this winter

Make some great language learning habits with the Lingoda Sprint: you’ll get more confident speaking and expand your vocabulary. Finish strong, and you’ll even get cash back on your class fees. Sign up before 15 October to take part!

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