Be Happy in French with These Five Expressions

Be Happy in French with These Five Expressions

by Cassie Wright

Updated October 7, 2020

Learning French? What better way to express your excitement over figuring out that tricky piece of French grammar or remembering all of your new vocabulary than with an expression en français? 

However, a simple “Je suis heureux(se)” or even “Je suis très heureux(se) isn’t always enough to get your point across. If you really want to show how happy you are, try using one of these five French expressions instead.

Avoir la patate – To have the potato

Shouldn’t it be pomme de terre?

Well, that would be a bit of a mouthful. La patate is an informal word for potato, which means you shouldn’t use this expression in a business presentation either.

Instead, you can tell your friends “J’ai la patate” when you’re super excited to use your new French vocabulary. You can also use this before an exciting event, like a long overdue vacation or a party. It’ll let everyone know you have a ton of positive energy and you’re ready for all the wonderful things to come.

Avoir la pêche – To have the peach

In English, you might say you’re feeling peachy, but that still isn’t enough to convey the energetic nature of this phrase.

Similar to avoir la patate, you might use this to tell your French teacher that you’re in top shape and happy to learn more. Your teacher might also respond by saying, “Moi? J’ai la pêche pour le weekend.”

Avoir la banane – To have the banana

There are a few expressions involving food and happiness, but none is as literal as this. If you turn a bright yellow banana upside down and put it on your face, it would look like a smile, which is where this phrase comes from.

Instead of using an actual banana, you can just say “J’ai la banane” when you call your friend to talk about the great conversation you just had in French. It might put a smile on your friend’s face, too.

Avoir le sourire jusqu’aux oreilles – Have a smile from ear to ear

Much like the previous expression, this phrase tells everyone you’ve got a smile, only it’s much bigger.

You can use this phrase to express the feeling of a really amazing day or to share some wonderful news. Your friend might also say, “Tu as le sourire jusqu’aux oreilles!” after someone tells you how good your French accent sounds and you can’t stop smiling.

Je suis content(e) de / j’ai hâte de… – I’m happy to/ I’m looking forward to…

What if you need a different way to tell your boss or a new acquaintance that you’re happy about something?

You can rely on one of these phrases to help.

If you’ve just met someone, you might say: “Je suis content(e) de parler avec vous en français” or “J’ai hâte de vous revoir.” Not only will you be happy to speak to someone new in French, but you’ll also be grateful you can tell them how much you appreciate being able to speak to them in French.

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