Author: Lingoda Team

10 Good, Recent Movies That Are Set in Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany and has been the epitome of cool for several years now. This makes knowing this city a must when learning German and diving into German culture for, as Rita Mae Brown said, “Language is the road map of a culture”. Therefore we have selected 10 recent movies that are set in Berlin. All of them were released after 2004 and there should be something for every taste, whether you favor vampire movies or are more interested in getting to know Berlin’s lively nightlife.

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4 Steps to a Successful Language Exchange

Learning a new language doesn’t make sense if you don’t get the chance to interact with native speakers. However, trying to learn a language while not living in a country where it is spoken can sometimes prove to be challenging. The same applies when someone has just moved to a new country and hasn’t had a chance to meet locals yet. In these cases, finding a conversation exchange partner is your best bet to practice your conversation skills.

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