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Best French Slang Words That Will Make You Sound Like a Native Speaker

French might be the language of Marcel Proust, Jean-Paul Sartre and Marguerite Duras, but it also happens to be a language which evolves and adapts very quickly. Therefore, the words you find in textbooks sometimes turn out to be completely outdated and might even cause native speakers to wonder what the word you just used actually means. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s always useful to have a few current slang words in your own vocabulary. Once you reach a fluent level of French, these will be the words that bring you a step closer towards proficiency.

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A Guide to Australian English: Everything You Need To Know

Considered one of the major variations of the English language, Australian English is the official language of Australia, having originally deviated from British English in the 18th century, after the founding of the Colony of New South Wales. It has been recognised as being distinctive from British English for almost 200 years and emerged as European settlers from Britain, Ireland and Germany mixed with one another.

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