Wouldn’t it be nice?

Waking up fully motivated, we mean. 

Studying your favourite language with no other pressures around you, no time constraints, no children to wake you up in the middle of the night, no college projects, no work assignments. Fun, pure and consistent language learning. Maybe even a language marathon.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. We’re human. And humans regularly feel demotivated, tired, pressured, hungry, cranky and sleepy.

Let’s admit it – even when we do have the time to learn languages, that little voice might find a way to dissuade us and instead we find ourselves binge-watching series, watching videos on YouTube or taking a nap (no shade, we actually love naps – the Spanish kind).

What can we do about increasing motivation?

We don’t know about you, but over here at Lingoda we refuse to let laziness get the best of us…so we took some action already!

Basically, we applied the concept of a marathon to language learning. Rather than leaving the overwhelm of planning to you, we take control and challenge you to choose between taking either 15 lessons/month for 3 months (half marathon) or 30 lessons/month for 3 months (full marathon), after which your fluency will have drastically improved. Yes, you read that right…that means taking a class every day!

Learn everything about our marathon and what it requires here.


What you’ll achieve after the Lingoda Language Marathon

Most people discover they can reach their goals much more easily under the pressure of commitment, accountability and the possibility of a prize at the end. The promise of a refund after successfully completing the marathon, the fact that you are given a deadline, and the pressure of having to show up every day are motivating. They push you to do better, be present and put your learning first. So here are ten things you’ll be able to do after you cross the finish line:

You will actually be able to speak

In the past, we’ve talked about the benefits of learning with a teacher rather than language apps, the biggest advantage being that…you get to speak. Our marathon gives you the opportunity to take classes with other students and a teacher who is there to ask you to introduce yourself, challenge you with different types of questions, and encourage you to produce speech from day one. After your first lesson you will already have spoken several times in your favourite language!

You will prove you are confident

Everyone can claim they’re confident. But not everybody has the guts to show up 30 days in a row for 3 months, speak with strangers, learn from a native teacher and step out of their comfort zone. Your completed marathon will be proof that you have it in you. It’s not about never having doubts or never feeling nervous about your performance – it’s about having the integrity, the passion and the discipline to be present and get things done!

You will travel like you mean it

Let’s face it: having to check Google Translate every 5 minutes, struggling to pronounce basic words and suffering through awkward silences with the hotel receptionist is not really what you had in mind for your dream vacation abroad. Especially when you could be dropping jaws with your accent, having fun interactions with locals, feeling thrilled over how you understand other people’s conversations around you. After the marathon, you will have practiced several common phrases, learned essential keywords and improved your pronunciation. Time to shine on your next trip!

You will dare to go for that job

Many marathon students are job seekers who want to take their career to the next level and succeed. Even if you feel your fluency isn’t perfect, the fact that you’ve been trying to learn, getting yourself out there, taking classes with native teachers, and embarrassing yourself once in a while will give your employer a clue as to who you are and who you’re striving to become. After all, marathons are for those who persist, battle and practice!

You will impress others with your organisational skills

Ask any Lingoda marathon taker what they found the most challenging, and you might be surprised to find it is not speaking. It is making sure that you keep showing up for class every single day, even though unexpected appointments, family gatherings, weddings, power outages and birthday parties sometimes get “in the way”. Committing to completing a language marathon requires strong organisational skills, as you start taking your learning seriously, take a hard look at your schedule and realise your learning has to become a priority. Which leads us to…

You will value your “me-time” more

Lingoda classes take place 24/7. That means you can book your lessons at midnight, 3 A.M. or noon, if you’d like. It’s a unique opportunity to take your schedule in your own hands and be able to conjugate several activities in one day. Above all else, it shows you that being busy with family, work or college doesn’t mean you have to give up on your individual needs – if you want to learn, we’re right here for you! After the marathon, making time for the things you love should feel like a breeze, as you’ve proved yourself it is totally possible.

You will show loved ones you care

Learning a new language – especially that of your current partner, your family members or your best friends – is a way of connecting at a deeper level and showing others that you care about their upbringing, culture, heritage and wellbeing. It is a heart-warming, albeit indirect way of saying “I don’t want you to struggle or have to make too much effort to speak to me. Even if I don’t have to, I’m going to learn it to understand you better.” If that isn’t showing some love…a language marathon certainly is, especially when you manage to send a romantic or endearing text effortlessly!

You will chase goals with a new tool under your belt

From successful artists looking for their next qualification to culture aficionados who want to experience a new city, past marathon finishers show us that you shouldn’t have to postpone your objectives because of language barriers. Quite the opposite – it is your duty to minimise them as soon as possible! The marathon is a quick way to give fluency a boost and have a new language tool right under your belt before taking the next step towards your future, whether that means moving abroad, getting your next degree or finally being able to communicate with your partner’s family in their mother tongue.

You’ll have a brain that just does it better

Your brain will benefit from consistent language learning more than you might expect…starting with its size. That’s right – learning a second language can actually make your brain bigger! Language learning is also known to help you score better at other unrelated tests, help slow down the mental decline that comes with ageing, stave off dementia for up to 5 years, and even influence your decision-making skills. And the best part? Contrary to popular belief, these benefits will come regardless of how old you are when you start learning your new language. Your brain will get a boost in any case. Speaking of which…

You’ll feel the benefits for a long, long time

If you thought you would benefit from the marathon only for its duration, think again! After completing your studies, you’ll realise how many doors have opened for you with only 3 months of exposure to your new language. You’ll be able to understand song lyrics better. Movie subtitles will feel lame once you start getting most of what you hear. You’ll understand your favourite writers better in their own mother tongue. You’ll suddenly start participating in conversations other people are having on social media or on YouTube videos. It is incredibly liberating to step out of the darkness of monolingualism and discover a new world of fantastic people, unique idioms, new places and exciting literature. So…will you really let that tiny bit of discomfort stop you? We don’t think so!


Hungry for more?

If you’re ready to chase an even better, more awesome version of your linguistic self, check out our marathon diaries and make sure you check the marathon rules before joining us for the last ever Lingoda language Marathon.

We’ll be waiting for you!