☀️ 60 Second French Lesson: The Weather ☁️

☀️ 60 Second French Lesson: The Weather ☁️

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 9, 2022

Sunny, cloudy, rain or storms, how do you talk about the weather in French?

Say hello to Betty, our lovely French teacher. She’s here to teach you all the basics you need to know when you start on your French learning journey!

Today’s lesson? The weather! Why? Because most small talk usually starts with this very subject.

Bonjour everyone!

French is not only about cheese and love… especially if it rains!

But how do you ask about the weather, anyway? You will need to ask : Quel temps fait-il ?

You could specify a place, for example : Quel temps fait-il à Berlin ?

The easiest way to answer this question is to use the structure “il y a” which means “there is…”.

“It’s sunny” would be “Il y a du soleil”

You could also say : “il y a de la pluie”, “il y a du vent”, “il y a des nuages”, “il y a de la neige

Another structure used to talk about the weather can be “Le temps est …” which means “the weather is …”

À Paris, le temps est ensoleillé ! In Paris, the weather is sunny !

The weather can be : ensoleillé – sunny, pluvieux – rainy or nuageux – cloudy.

If you want to comment on the temperature, you could say that the the weather is hot : Il fait chaud ! or that it’s cold : Il fait froid !, or that it’s just warm : il fait doux !

Now, what’s the weather like where you are ? Quel temps fait-il ?

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