50 Spanish phrases related to job hunting

50 Spanish phrases related to job hunting

by Alison Maciejewski Cortez

Updated November 4, 2022

Why would a native English speaker need Spanish phrases related to job hunting? Here at Lingoda, we are in touch with language learners taking online Spanish lessons every day. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds. We can think of more than a few reasons. 

You might live in a Spanish-speaking country and be looking for work. You might be on a study abroad to learn Spanish and browsing job boards for work study opportunities. You might be functionally bilingual and live in a place with a Spanish-speaking population where Spanish is a requirement of your job. Regardless, today’s post will help you to brush up on your professional Spanish vocabulary so you can secure the job you are aiming for. Here are 50 Spanish phrases related to job hunting.

Spanish phrases related to job applications

These days most job applications are online. Just as we use search engine optimisation (SEO) on the Lingoda blog so that Spanish learners can find our content, job boards and employers use Spanish keywords so that job seekers can find the right job posting. The right words will lead you to the right place. Spanish phrases related to job applications will help you find a position that fits your skills.

  1. buscar trabajo – looking for work
  2. solicitar trabajo – to solicit/apply for work
  3. foro – forum
  4. objetivos – objectives 
  5. la hoja de vida/currículo – résumé/CV
  6. el trabajo – the work/the job
  7. el puesto – the position
  8. entregar – to submit/turn something in
  9. enviar por email – to send by email
  10. sitio web – website 
  11. bolsa/portal de empleo – employment portal/job board
  12. puesto fijo – permanent position
  13. trabajo temporal – temporary position
  14. nómina – payroll
  15. autónomo – freelance
  16. contrato – contract
  17. horario – schedule
  18. sueldo – salary
  19. español – Spanish (A bit obvious, but don’t forget to list it as a language on your CV!)

Simple phrases for speaking by phone in Spanish

Spanish phrases related to cover letters and CVs

Many Spanish job applications require a CV and a cover letter. In the digital age, large organisations use artificial intelligence (AI) for their human resources intake such as electronic job applications. For jobs that require Spanish language abilities, including Spanish-language keywords for better SEO will make you stand out from the rest.

Here are some basic employment phrases in Spanish that will help you land the interview.

  1. calificaciones – qualifications
  2. certificado – certified
  3. licensiado – university graduate
  4. maestría – graduate studies
  5. abilidad – ability 
  6. liderazgo – leadership
  7. confianza – confidence
  8. actitud – attitude
  9. metas – goals
  10. ganas – enthusiasm
  11. referencias – references
  12. experiencia/prácticas – experience
  13. una llamada – a call
  14. entrevista – interview 
  15. superior – senior
  16. subalterno – junior
  17. trabajador – hard-working (¡Ojo! Remember this is gender-specific. A woman is “trabajadora”.)
  18. éxito – success

The best careers for bilinguals

Spanish phrases for interviews in Spanish

So you’ve submitted a successful application. Your CV and cover letter have made it through. Now the company calls you for an interview. Besides dressing professionally, showing up on time, and offering a Spanish greeting, what comes next? Are you prepared to answer interview questions in Spanish? Here are a few transitional phrases that will help you sound educated and fluent.

  1. Gracias por la oportunidad – Thank you for the opportunity
  2. Dado que… – Given that 
  3. De la misma forma… – In the same way/manner
  4. De todos modos – Regardless
  5. Ya que… – Since
  6. Además… – Besides/in addition to
  7. En cuanto a… – En regards to/when it comes to
  8. Sin embargo – However
  9. De hecho – In fact
  10. Deberían contratarme porque… – You (plural) should hire me because
  11. Esperaré su llamada. – I’ll wait for your call. 
  12. Gracias por su tiempo. – Thank you for your time. 
  13. Muchísimas gracias. – Thank you very much.

From job applications to cover letters to Spanish interview phrases, if you know the right vocabulary, you are likely to get the right job. Optimise your search with the Spanish vocabulary above, and you will be able to find positions that fit your abilities. Don’t forget our tips for Spanish language exam study if passing a language test is part of your job requirement. 

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