The three major benefits of learning a language with Lingoda

The three major benefits of learning a language with Lingoda

by Jakob Straub

Updated August 4, 2023

You’ll find language learning unnecessarily hard if you think of it as something you just have to do. Getting started or improving your skills is a daunting task when you’re uncertain about what you’ll get out of it. Benefits and rewards are great motivators, that’s why you’ll profit from three advantages with Lingoda to keep you on track in your language learning efforts:

  1. The combination of a structured curriculum and teachers who are certified native-level speakers gives you a clear path to fluency in your target language.
  2. Certification for completing a language level enables you to prove your skills, for example, for job opportunities.
  3. The cashback opportunities of the Lingoda Sprint™ packages allow you to save money: consistent learners pay less!

You can learn more about these benefits and how to qualify for cashback opportunities when learning a language with Lingoda here.

Learn languages at your pace

The advantages of learning a language with Lingoda

We’ll explain the three benefits of achieving language fluency, getting certification and receiving cashback below.

Benefit 1: Achieve fluency

Lingoda classes will set you on a clear path to fluency in your chosen language, no matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced learner. A free placement test will determine your current CEFR language level. That’s the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which classes language skills from A1 to C2 (from beginner to fluent).

The structured curriculum of Lingoda classes aligns with the CEFR framework, so you’re always moving systematically towards the next language level as you learn. Our in-house language experts have created the Lingoda class material according to CEFR standards and you can download and use the material for free to help you achieve native-level fluency—just like your teacher! The over 1,500 Lingoda teachers are certified with years of valuable teaching experience and are native-level speakers—find out why learning from native-level speakers is the best way to learn!

Lingoda offers live language classes 24/7 and you can learn in small groups of one to five students only. Private classes with just your teacher are also available. This setting guarantees that you can participate freely during class and learn from any mistakes. Thanks to online classes, you can define your own schedule with Lingoda as you don’t have to stick to a fixed routine and can select variable time slots in your calendar.

Benefit 2: Obtain certification

Many language learners want to improve their job opportunities and advance their career by extending their language skills. Certification is the best way to prove language skills on your CV, a job application or networking site such as LinkedIn. Learning with Lingoda, you’ll get a Lingoda CEFR language certificate—no test required!

How does that work? We’ve already mentioned the Common European Framework of Reference language levels:

Level A1: Beginner
Level A2: Elementary
Level B1: Intermediate
Level B2: Upper intermediate
Level C1: Advanced
Level C2: Proficiency

Each level corresponds to 50 individual lessons with Lingoda. When you’ve completed 90% or 45 lessons of these, your CEFR certificate of your current level becomes available automatically and you can download it with a simple click. Lingoda makes it easy to certify what you’ve learned so you can focus on the fun part of learning and conversing in a new language!

Benefit 3: Get cashback

Did you know you can get money back if you learn regularly with Lingoda? If you take classes consistently, you can save on your course! We believe offering cashback as a reward for taking classes regularly is an effective way to motivate our students to learn your chosen language. That way, you’ll successfully build a powerful learning habit.

Learn languages at your pace

Lingoda Sprint

So you’re more of a sprinter than an endurance runner? No problem, the Lingoda Sprint lets you learn at an intense level by taking many classes in three months. The Sprint comes in two varieties with cashback options that allow you to get half of your money back—or even all of it with the Super Sprint!

The premise: you have to follow the Sprint rules and complete all of your classes. Yes, that’s 100%!

Lingoda Sprint: You’ll learn for 15 hours a month over the course of 2 months with the opportunity to receive 50% cashback if you complete 100% of classes or you can even get more value back by choosing to receive class credits instead of money.
Lingoda Super Sprint: You’ll learn for 30 hours a month over the course of 2 months with the opportunity to receive 50% cashback if you complete 100% of classes or get more value back by choosing to receive class credits instead of money.

The Lingoda Sprint is a great incentive to study a language intensely during a relatively short time to advance your skills and make progress towards fluency. Learn how the Lingoda Sprint works to profit from the cashback benefit.

Lingoda monthly courses

Our monthly subscription is the simplest way to study with Lingoda. If you choose to study month-to-month, it doesn’t offer cashback, but you’ll still get all the class flexibility and quality learning that you get with our Sprint packages.

Act now to benefit from improving your language skills with Lingoda

Get started now with learning a new language or continue improving your existing skills with Lingoda and receive a CEFR certificate when you complete a language level. Motivate yourself to schedule and attend language classes consistently with the Lingoda cashback options to get double rewards: you’ll build a learning habit and get some money back (as long as you follow the rules of Sprint).

You can learn English, Spanish, German or French with Lingoda, whether for travel, work or as a hobby to keep your mind active and cross a language off your bucket list. Set out on your path towards fluency today. Subscribe or begin your free trial now!

Learn languages at your pace

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