25 Spanish vocabulary words for the office

25 Spanish vocabulary words for the office

by Alison Maciejewski Cortez

Updated November 4, 2022

Home office or work-from-home, whatever your company calls it, this is our new normal. All over Europe people are digitally commuting and working remotely due to COVID safety restrictions. At Lingoda, many of our casual Spanish students are ramping up efforts to learn Spanish online. They are taking their immersion efforts seriously and bringing Spanish language learning into their job hunting and professional communications. From the building downtown to the makeshift desk you set up in the living room, let’s keep the ball rolling. We all need to learn important Spanish words and phrases to describe the work environment. Here are 25 Spanish vocabulary words for the office. 

Spanish vocabulary for the office building

Last month we covered 15 Spanish phrases to use at work. We focused on Spanish language useful for meetings and professional interactions with co-workers. In order to set those meetings up, here are a few phrases that are helpful for the physical office space. 

  1. la oficina – office
  2. la sala de reuniones – meeting room
  3. la impresora – printer
  4. la tinta – (printer) ink
  5. la papelera – bin
  6. el escritorio – desk 
  7. la tarjeta de negocios – business card
  8. la etiqueta – label
  9. la carpeta – folder
  10. el sobre – envelope

Spanish phrases for your home office 

These days we are working from our home offices. Some home offices are lucky enough to have a dedicated desk and even a door. Others look more like the kitchen table with children running around underfoot. Whatever your home office looks like, here are some words and phrases in Spanish to describe it or to use during the work day.

  1. lapicero (Chile), boli/bolígrafo (Spain), pluma (Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico), esfero/esferográfico (Colomubia, Venezuela) – pen
  2. la mesa – table
  3.  el archivo – the file
  4. archivar – to file
  5. déjeme buscarlo – let me look for it
  6. nos vemos pronto – see you soon (we’ll see each other soon)
  7. estoy ocupada/o – I am busy
  8. se lo envio pronto – I will send it to you right away

English-Spanish cognates in the office

You can see from example #10 above that “pen” is one of those Spanish vocabulary words that changes from country to country. Those are the toughest words to recognise and remember. Meanwhile, the easiest Spanish vocabulary words for native English speakers are cognates. We talked about cognates before in our post about Spanish phrases for virtual meetings. Remember that a cognate is a word that sounds identical or nearly the same in both languages. Here are a few related to the office. Don’t forget to adjust your pronunciation and make the effort to use a proper Spanish accent.

  1. la agenda – (meeting) agenda 
  2. el escáner/la escaneadora – scanner
  3. la conexión de internet – internet connection 
  4. el fax – fax (document)
  5. la máquina – machine
  6. la fotocopiadora – photocopier
  7. el documento – document 

Spanish is one of the best languages to learn for business purposes. For native English speakers in the UK, learning Spanish opens up a job market in nearby Spain and with companies that provide services to Spanish-speakers. Now that we all work from home, it makes sense to incorporate language learning into your daily office activities. From talking about the company office to your own home setup, today’s phrases will help you to improve your professional Spanish language skills. 

Are you thinking of bringing your Spanish language learning to the office? Try a free 7-day trial with Lingoda where our native speaking Spanish teachers are ready to help you out.

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