15 Spanish pet names for your partner

by Alison Maciejewski Cortez
March 24, 2021
friends joking about Spanish pet names

Honey. Sweetie. Sugar pie. Cutie. Bae. Boo. There are plenty of cute names to use for your significant other (SO) in English. How about in Spanish, the romance language of love? Remember when we talked about 10 beautiful Spanish phrases for Valentine’s Day? Or when we came up with 15 ways to say “I love you” in Spanish? Obviously when love is in the air, the Spanish language provides ways to express it. Whether your partner is a native Spanish-speaker or your SO is learning Spanish at home, here are 15 Spanish pet names for your partner.

Affectionate nicknames for friends

Most pet names are for a romantic partner, but many Spanish-speaking cultures around the world are affectionate even with friends. There are Spanish nicknames for platonic friends that don’t necessarily mean you are in a romantic relationship. Here are Spanish names to call your friends.

  1. Tía/Tío – literally aunt/uncle (a lot like ‘lads’ and this is something Spanish people always say)
  2. Jefa/e – boss
  3. Chula/o – girl/dude
  4. Conejita/o – little bunny
  5. Guapa/o – good-looking (yes, we swear it’s platonic)

Spanish pet names for your partner in public

If you are dating casually or seriously, it’s normal to come up with cute pet names for your love interest. Here is a list of cute Spanish nicknames that you can use for your romantic partner in public.

  1. Amor – love
  2. Corazón – heart
  3. Cariña/o – darling
  4. Mi reina/rey – my queen/king 
  5. Mi alma/vida/cielito – my soul/life/heaven

Romantic names for your SO in private

Some nicknames aren’t meant for everyone to hear. Some are too racy. Others are too cringe-y for even your best friends to know about. As a fully-grown adult at the Tesco, you might hide in the frozen food aisle if you hear your SO calling out “Big Boy” across the shop, right? At home it’s sweet, but in public sounds like a cheesy chat-up line in Spanish, Here are a few nicknames you can use on your significant other in private. 

  1. Papi chulo – stud (nickname for men, cringe because it sounds sexy/racy)
  2. Mi amada/o – my beloved  (cringe because it sounds so sincere)
  3. Princesa/Príncipe – princess/prince (cringe because it sounds more childish than queen/king)
  4. Baby/Guagua in Chile only – baby (very cutesy depending on context) 
  5. Mi sirenita – my little mermaid (cheesy)

Whether you are talking to a dear friend, your significant other at the Tesco, or your partner at home, remember to get the gender of the Spanish pet names right. We covered the traditional rule about gendered nouns in our Spanish grammar basics

¡Ojo! (Look!) Pay attention to the use of gender neutral terms (Latinx, amigues) for people. This new linguistic dynamic is catching on in progressive social circles. Feminist academics and the LGBT community, who are careful to acknowledge the gender-non-binary, use –e ending instead of binary –a/-o female/male word endings in Spanish. Watch for a future post explaining this emerging trend, amigue! For now, just understand that you can use –e on any a/o-ending pet names above.

Of all the cute nicknames, which one is best for your partner? Which one do you want your SO to use for you?

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