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Today it’s all about the topic of vacation and the words and expressions you need for it.

Useful vocabulary for the journey

The tourist

If you visit another city or country for pleasure, you are a tourist.

The sights

Usually you look at the sights in another city. These are all the things that are special and therefore worthy of being seen by you.

But before you start your tour, you should first bring your luggage to the hotel.

The luggage

Everything you have on vacation is your luggage. So for example your suitcase or your backpack.

Elevator, elevator, lift?

If you have checked in to your hotel, you can go to your room. If your journey was too strenuous, you can take the elevator for it. Sometimes this is also called elevator or lift.


When you arrive in your room, you can unpack. Unpacking means removing everything in your suitcase or backpack.

The room service

If you want to relax now, you can call room service. With room service you can order everything you need: food, drink or your favorite newspaper. And everything is delivered to your room.

The Guide

Before you go, you should pack a guide. In this you will find all the information and advice you need to find your way around the city.

Now you can get the most important vocabulary and phrases. All you need now is your next destination.

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